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Why You Should Advertise your Songs on targeted webpages

By: Spotify SEO

With more and more people using the Internet to find new music, information about artists, and latest music news, it might be time to shift your advertising efforts to web pages. These advertisements can be achieved by promoting your own artist link as well as your own song(s) links, or through banner or text ads on complementary websites. If you are still unclear if web page advertising is for you as an artist, familiarize yourself with the advantages of this way of advertising and make a knowledgeable decision.

Reach Listeners Worldwide

Traditional advertising methods for artist, such as radio and television, offer limited circulation of your advertisement. Depending on your choice, these methods usually reach only local or possibly national markets. In contrast, web page advertisements offer worldwide distribution of your music links or embed codes, so your music advertisements reach the widest possible market. No other methods brings your ads to such a wide and diverse fan base.

Low Cost Ads For Artist

Advertisements your Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music embed code or links on web pages provide a low-cost alternative to traditional advertising media. Although the production cost of TV and Radio advertisements can be in the $1,000's range, the investment required to create a web page or banner ad on the other hand is minimal. After the webpage is created, there are many low cost resources that can increase traffic to your song or artist link promotions, or your can buy banner advertisements on similar websites to increase artist and/or brand awareness.


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They have two options to make this happen: 

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