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How much does SEO cost For Musicians?

by: Spotify SEO


Let us first get the idea out of our mind that SEO is a “cost”. SEO (search engine optimization) is an investment in your music career. You build assets by creating new songs and content, and as long as your business exists, it will continue to exist.

Every dollar invested in an SEO campaign will bring consistent results with your music business. On the other hand, paid advertising (PPC) can get leads faster, but once you stop investing money in them, they will disappear immediately.

SEO is an investment, so how much should you invest in SEO?

SEO cost is not set in stone from one agency to another nor is it the same from one industry to another. Typically, a recording artist should pay $300-$500 for local, uncompetitive single city or state SEO.

Also, in competitive, national and multi-city SEO, the recommended fee range is $1,000-$6000 per month. Which investment is best for you will depend on what your goals are, what the lifetime value of your customers is, and how you are currently spending your marketing budget.

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